Top tips and tricks for maintaining your trailer

Maintenance is essential to the longevity of your trailer. It also ensures safe and efficient operation. Before towing, perform a thorough inspection. Make sure all components are in good working order. Broken parts can cause injury. For optimal performance, you must do your service Ace Trailers regularly. Here are simple maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Tire pressure

Make sure the tires are functional. check out inflation rate. Use tire pressure systems to inspect your tires for possible leaks. When it comes to swivel trailers, tires play an important role. As such, it is essential to keep them in good shape. Pay attention to pressure levels.

Remember, tires are a big expense. Maintaining proper air pressure levels will go a long way in extending their life. Since managers are usually very busy, it is better to use inflation monitoring systems.


Inspect suspensions regularly. Check for signs of wear. If the air springs are cracked, be sure to fix them immediately. Make sure nothing interferes with the movement of your trailer’s suspensions. It is also imperative that the springs are filled with sufficient air pressure.

Don’t forget to check the ride height. Sometimes it can be damaged. And when that happens, you won’t reap the maximum benefits of air travel suspension. The ride height must be too high as this may interfere with navigation overpasses. If the pressure is too low, your trailer can start to ride on the bumpers and these can damage other important components.


Inspect the chair components. Make sure all components are well lubricated. Grease has three important characteristics. It is thick, high quality and offers a high performance rating. But this does not mean that all types of fat are ideal. Take your time to purchase high quality grease that will provide the perfect lubrication solution for your trailer.

Most greases are lithium-based, but there are some that are calcium-based. Don’t make the mistake of mixing the two—performance can drop drastically.

Electrical System

Make sure the lights are well maintained. Watch for any signs of corrosion. Commonly used de-icing fluid can severely damage your trailer’s electrical connections.

If you are not careful enough, corrosion can quickly spread throughout your vehicle. This is why it is advisable to inspect the bulbs regularly. Replace fats often. And this is especially important for connection points.

Dirt and debris

Clean the trailer regularly. Pay attention to the underside where debris can go undetected. Ideally, a rolling trailer should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected every 45 days. But if you can schedule frequent cleaning procedures it would be great. This will keep your trailer more functional and reliable. Remember, a restored trailer is worth a fortune. That is why you should take good care of it.

After all

When it comes to release systems, regular trailer maintenance it is critical. If you want your container business to be successful, make sure you keep the trailer functional. Check out the article above for more insight.

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