Implications of employee recognition to build a strong team

Motivated employees are a great asset to any company. They put their best work to the benefit of the company. While unpaid wages and benefits help keep employees motivated, recognition and appreciation also play an important role.

A survey has revealed that 37% of employees consider recognition to be the most important factor. It gives the employee a sense of satisfaction and belonging. However, 65% of employees stated that they did not receive any kind of recognition for their good work. This has negatively affected their productivity and motivation.

Among other factors, employee recognition helps build a strong team. It generates a strong workplace culture to accomplish even the most difficult tasks. Let’s discuss how recognition can affect building a strong team.

Employee recognition strategies to build a strong team

Employee recognition is the most cost-effective method to increase employee motivation and morale. Salary increases, autonomy, promotion can inspire employees to work harder. However, when managers and employers appreciate the work that employees are doing, they tend to repeat good work and deliver better results.

83% of HR leaders agree that a good employee recognition program improves organizational value. Recognition makes employees feel valued. Therefore, they will work harder to meet the company’s goals. This collective effort leads the company to success and growth.

50% of employees believe that when managers appreciate their work, they feel more connected to their company. It develops trust and reduces the communication gap between employees and employers.

When leaders initiate a culture of recognition in their workplaces, employees follow their lead. It fosters a culture of peer recognition. This culture builds strong bonds between employees and promotes collaboration. Therefore, strong team building opportunities arise.

41% of companies with a culture of peer recognition experienced an increase in customer satisfaction. It is believed that improved relations between employees had strong effects on the workforce. As a result, productivity and quality improved. This leads to customer satisfaction.

Why the impact of employee recognition on team building?

Companies that adopt appropriate recognition programs see an increase in employee satisfaction and engagement. It brings positive impacts on the performance and productivity of employees. Employee engagement promotes a culture of collaboration throughout the company, allowing the entire process to run smoothly and harmoniously.

From front-line blue-collar workers to C-suite executives, they are essential to an organization’s success. And when they are recognized for their work, they feel seen and accepted. As a result, they are inspired to work harder and give their best efforts to accomplish their task.

Engaged employees tend to stay with their organization. This allows them to improve in their work and improve their ability to work. Therefore a company experiences lower employee retention rates and more productivity.

Employees with a stronger connection to the company support the company’s mission and purpose. It creates a great company culture and allows employees to grow with the company. The promise of employee professional development makes them loyal to the company and reduces employee turnover. As a result, the company can effectively build a stronger team with its long-term employees.

Ways to improve your employee recognition program

If your company suffers from poor employee engagement, it is most likely that your recognition program is not good enough or does not meet your employee’s expectations. So, for better engagement and team building, you will need to review your recognition program. Here are some ways you can make a great employee recognition program for your organization:

Adopt smaller goals and recognize employees for achieving them

A larger task is made up of many smaller tasks. Accomplishing a large task may seem impossible to an employee. However, when the task is broken down into a series of smaller tasks, it seems achievable.

So, break down a larger goal into smaller goals and reward employees for achieving those goals. It will make even the most difficult tasks manageable and boost employee morale.

Public assessment

Public appreciation is a better way to acknowledge the good work that employees do. It boosts the employee’s confidence and allows others to recognize their strong role model. It starts conversations between employees and creates a culture of collaboration in the workplace.

Recognition from colleagues

Management and leaders may not be able to track all the achievements that each employee makes. However, team leaders and other employees may be aware of the good work ethic and other good qualities of their colleagues. Therefore, in a peer recognition system, these good qualities can be recognized and valued accordingly.

Be specific

When recognizing an employee, leadership should be as specific as possible. This will allow employees to know what they are getting recognition for and replicate the results. Recognition can also be in the form of a distinctive business thank you card for a specific achievement.

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is another way to improve your employee recognition program. Here employees can express their concerns and wishes to the management. Therefore, creating a recognition program tailored specifically for employees becomes possible.

Last words

Your recognition program supports how much you value your employees. A good recognition system helps you create meaningful connections with your employees. Therefore, your organization could see a boost in engagement and productivity.

Online recognition platforms can be a great way to create recognition programs and recognize your employees. It gives you real time data and makes you aware of the result. So, for a better team building process, use all the resources at your disposal.

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