How people make money with a free OnlyFans account

OnlyFans, the adult-themed site, is breaking boundaries in terms of the number of job opportunities it is creating for women around the world. These models, exotic dancers and adult movie stars are using the platform to earn significant income. OnlyFans’ rise to fame, however, didn’t happen overnight.

The site was launched in 2016, but it was the Covid-19 pandemic that catapulted it into the limelight. As the entire world was under lockdown, popular celebrities and entertainers found the platform useful to keep in touch with their fans. One celebrity that comes to mind is Cardi B. The rapper/singer earned a whopping $8 million in just a few months of being signed up to the platform. But this is just an example.

Today, even the common people are clapping in fanfare and are benefiting too.

Earn money with a free account on OnlyFans

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Direct messaging fans

Charging a subscription fee isn’t the only way for some Porn stars OnlyFans and models earn money on the site. You can also earn money through direct messages. The idea is to message your fans directly with unique offers that come in the form of Pay-Per-View Messages, Closed Posts, PPV OnlyFans Messages and Locked Messages.

These messages usually come in three formats: audio, photo and video, all hidden behind a lock screen. Content is unlocked only after the subscriber or “fan” pays to have exclusive access.

Paid posts

Another way to make money with a free OnlyFans account is through paid posts. Paid posts are simply content that can only be accessed after you pay for them. So even if you have a free account, you may decide to put some of your content behind a paywall. While your fans can still see most of your content for free, making posts exclusive and setting a premium price is one way to whet your fans’ appetite.

But the idea is to keep things interesting. Make sure that whatever you are going to sell with a paid post is enticing. This way, you can build anticipation among fans who will be willing to pay any amount to access the content.


It’s true that OnlyFans doesn’t have any unique features that help training. However, that hasn’t stopped content creators from manipulating the service to launch their own workout series. Many girls on the platform not only provide NSFW content, but they are also offering their services in other capacities for it make money.

As a creator running a free OnlyFans account, you can use your platform to touch on topics like self-help and advice on personal development, relationships and dating, and even financial management tips. You can build a loyal fan base from this alone, and from there, you can sell your product, service, eBook, or other products and services. Many OnlyFans users are doing this.

Personalized posts

Similar to paid posts and direct messages, you can earn money by doing custom posts on demand. Like one content creator by running a free OnlyFans account, you’ll see the numbers grow sporadically. But the trick is to never reveal too much, lest you kill the excitement for your fans. As a rule of thumb, try to only create SWF (safe for work) content for your free OnlyFans account.

You may decide to throw in some exclusive pieces of content here and there, but like we said, be minimalistic with it. What you’re doing is simply creating fan anticipation for the real thing – the NSFW content. After some time, you can give the floor to those loyal fans who want a clear private session, which can be a live stream, photo or video. Then you charge them for the privilege.


Finally, you might want to try fundraising. OnlyFans is also a philanthropy site that creates awareness and awareness about charitable acts. The site has a unique fundraising feature that allows content creators to raise money for specific causes. For example, you can start a campaign to raise funds for schooling, a friend in hospital or for the less privileged in your community.

Next, set a fundraising goal and encourage people to join your cause. You can make a lot of money just doing this.

Start earning with your single fans

This is. You’ve just seen five ways to make money with a free OnlyFans account. However, the trick to killing it on OnlyFans is high quality content. We cannot stress enough the importance of “quality” and it is something you should focus on. Also, stay consistent and dedicated to the craft and your dedication will pay off in the long run.

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