Are owners allowed to say no to pets?

Having a pet is fantastic and an animal companion can benefit your life in many ways. For most people, a pet is one of the closest bonds they will ever have. Therefore, the ability to live with your pet is paramount when evaluating places to live.

If you are looking for apartments or condos, you should always ask if the landlord allows pets or not. Pets can do serious damage to your property if the owner is not careful. Are owners allowed to refuse people to live with their pets? Let’s find out:

What do the laws say?

Laws in most countries state that landlords can refuse pets of any kind on their premises. Additionally, they may prohibit pets of various species on their property at their discretion.

For example, a landlord can say no to cats but accept dogs on their property as long as they have a good reason.

The landlord may refuse pets entry to their property based on the pet’s breed, size, and may insist that you spay or neuter the pet before living on their property.

Owners who have had problems with their pets before should have insurance protection for such cases. Homeowner’s insurance is specifically designed for those who rent or lease their properties to protect them against damage, for example, from pets. Owners can use iSelect to compare different landlord insurance policies.

Even though the owner has landlord insurance, they often require a pet deposit to protect themselves from any damage the pet may cause to the property.

If the pet does not cause problems, you will receive your guarantee when it is time to leave the property permanently. Homeowner’s insurance is one way to do it save yourself from a lot of trouble a pet can drag onto your property.

An owner also reserves the right to withdraw consent to stay with an animal if the animal becomes too noisy, violent or acts in a way that affects other people. A landlord’s ability to deny pets access to their property depends on individual cases as there are no laws in place against this issue.

In most countries, including the US, an owner must put in writing why they are rejecting the pet within a certain period of time after receiving such a request. Based on the reason, a prospective tenant may decide to contest the denial or not.

Exceptions to the Rules

In the United States, there is the Federal Fair Housing Act developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Act deals with what landlords can do about companion animals in rental properties.

of Fair Housing Act AND The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) breaks down around the use of service or assistance animals by people with disabilities.

According to the laws, housing providers must provide equal housing space for persons with disabilities who use companion animals. Even if a landlord has a “no bite” policy, they may need to make an exception for someone with a disability who needs an animal companion to function properly, either by providing emotional support or helping them to fulfill the basic tasks.

On the other hand, a housing application by a disabled person seeking an animal companion may be denied if the animal threatens other tenants or the property itself.

Owner reserves any right to deny pets and pet owners access to their property. There are exceptions to each rule as described above. However, if a landlord accepts pets, they may require a pet deposit or take out landlord’s insurance to protect their investment.

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