5 adorable DIY gift ideas for a new mom

Creating the perfect homemade gift for a new mom can be tricky. Most people decide to give a gift to a child, however, let’s try to make mom happy and give her something she would like. If you are looking for such a gift, to put a smile on her face and hopefully give her something useful, you are on the right page.

Keep reading and you’ll discover the top five DIY gift ideas for new moms.

1. Jewelry organizer

With a new family member at home, every mom needs to get organized, especially with her jewelry. Some rings or hairpins are so small that they are at high risk of being easily swallowed by a newborn. Since it is very dangerous and can lead to serious health problems, mom’s jewelry should not be in an easily accessible place. A cute and efficient organizer can help him with this.

How to do:

You will need two wooden boards, paint, and hooks and hinges.

Paint the wooden boards the color of your choice, preferably one that the new mom likes. Attach them with hinges and add hooks for necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. If you are good at drawing, draw something elegant on your organizer to make it more festive.

2. Photo Collage

New mothers usually take millions of pictures of their newborns in an attempt to capture their first smile, first crawl and their new outfit. What if you make baby photo collages with the cutest and funniest pictures instead of just saving images to your phone or computer? Besides being a great gift idea, it’s also an ideal way to preserve these precious memories of baby’s first months on this planet. A great tip is instead of messing up the whole apartment with glue and glitter trying to make a photo collage by hand, use a collage program.

How to do:

You will need approximately ten photos and a photo collage software.

First of all, think first about a topic for your next work – the first months of the baby’s life or the first reunion of the extended family. Browse pre-designed patterns and choose the most adorable one for baby. Right after, add photos and spice it up with some inspirational quotes. If you want to include some artwork, check out the collection of cool clipart. Want a colorful and fun frame? Go through an extensive gallery and choose the one you like the most. Finally, print it out and put it in a beautiful frame.

3. Paper with flowers

It’s a very cute and inspiring idea to decorate a new mom’s apartment. A floral monogram is a way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere effortlessly and quickly.

How to do:

You will need a wooden letter – M for Mary or G for George, etc., some flowers, glue, a nail and string.

Glue the flowers to the letter. Try to have a selection of different flowers to make your work more colorful and exciting. Then glue the string to the opposite side of the letter and attach the nail to the wall. Now hang your flower arrangement on the nail and you are done!

4. Baby Sling

Instead of buying an expensive baby stroller, you can make an adorable and super useful baby sling at home. A young mother has to go grocery shopping and run other errands, sometimes she just wants to spend some time outside and take a walk in the park.

And lugging a heavy, inflexible carrier is challenging and not always necessary. A baby sling will allow him to be more mobile and portable.

How to do:

You will need a piece of fabric, a needle and thread and scissors.

Lay the fabric on the floor and cut it in half to get two long pieces. Then iron, tie and seal the ends. You can add some cute decorations like ribbon or drawings.

5. Recipe box

Every new mother is worried about baby food. And as the child grows, she or he should be fed a healthy, balanced diet. You can help her to create a nutritious menu and give her an original box of healthy recipes.

How to do:

You’ll need a box – a shoebox, wooden box or other (practically any box you can find will do), and recipe cards.

Take a medium box and decorate it with stickers, drawings and family photos. Prepare a set of great recipes that you can find and think of, write them on cards and put them inside the box.

Hopefully you’ve found an idea you like and now you’re ready to start getting crafty. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out great platforms like Pinterest where you can find gift ideas for every occasion or Etsy to get inspired by amazing ideas and great images.

Naomi Kiszner

At NaomiKizhner.com, I want to share tips, tricks and quotes that will hopefully inspire someone who may be struggling. Also, I want to help others find their true passion in life and remove any negativity.

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